Chevy Cruze Diesel Approved Oil List

Chevy Cruze Diesels, like all other modern diesel cars, require specific engine oil to continue to function properly. Specifically, they need a low SAPS oil, or an oil that is low in sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur. For cars with a diesel particulate filter, oils with high amounts of additives can block the DPF.

TDI Fuel Injection Systems: Rotary, PD, and Common-Rail

 This article explains the differences between the three different fuel injection systems in TDIs available in North America and how they function.

Chevy Cruze Diesel Oil Change How-to

A tutorial on changing the oil in your 2014-2015 Chevy Cruze diesel.

Fluid Capacities: All TDIs 1999-2006

***All fuel tank sizes are without "ventectomy", which usually adds two or three gallons.

Fluid Capacities: All TDIs 2009-2015

Below is an article with all the fluid capacities for TDIs from 2009 to 2015.

Clean Diesel Exhaust Systems and Dieselgate

How the exhaust systems on 2.0L TDI “Clean Diesels” work, and why they matter if you want to understand “Dieselgate” and how VW cheated emissions testing.

List of Mercedes 229.51 Approved Oil


List of VW 507 Approved Oil

Current list of VW 507 Approved Oils available on our site.

List of VW 505.01 Approved Oil

Below is a current list of VW 505.01 approved oils available on our site.

Lifting Your TDI

This is a list of general guidelines to follow and individual spring substitutions to make if you’d like to lift your TDI.