List of Mercedes 229.51 Approved Oil


List of VW 507 Approved Oil

Current list of VW 507 Approved Oils available on our site.

List of VW 505.01 Approved Oil

Below is a current list of VW 505.01 approved oils available on our site.

Lifting Your TDI

This is a list of general guidelines to follow and individual spring substitutions to make if you’d like to lift your TDI.

Lowering your TDI: Dos and Donts

Want to lower your vehicle? There are a few things you should know first.

VW DSG Transmission Service How-To

Corey from IDparts performs a DSG Transmission Service with fluid and filter on a 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI.  This same procedure can be followed for any VW with the DSG transmission, including the Audi A3.

Known to Fail on the B4 Passat TDI

Below is a list of parts that routinely fail on the 1996/1997 B4 Passat TDI, and where to find replacements. It should be mentioned that any  B4 nowadays has probably had many wear items replaced aside from the normal maintenance items: hoses, lines, suspension components, engine mounts...and anything else that has happened to go the way of the dinosaur in the nearly 20 years since this car's inception.

Common Suspension Problems

We get calls all the time from customers looking to change their springs, shocks, or struts because of a noise or suspension problem. Often times, though, another smaller (and much cheaper) suspension component has failed. In this article, we run through some of the more minor components of the suspension and symptoms of their failure.

Sprinter DIY Repair Videos

We sourced some DIY repair videos for the Sprinter van.

VW/Audi Upcoming Events III

The last in our series on upcoming VW/Audi events, featuring a very unique event in Holland, MI, and another up in Ontario for the Canadian readers.