Power Upgrades for your 2.0L Common Rail TDI

Power upgrades are more difficult to come by for the newer TDIs (2009+). Upgraded injectors are rare, and turbo upgrade options are limited. This article lists some things you can do to give your TDI a little more oomph.

Replace Parking Brake Cables in MkIV Jetta/Golf/New Beetle

Corey from idparts.com shows you how to replace the parking brake cables on your MkIV Jetta, Golf, or New Beetle TDI.

2015 Jetta TDI First-Look Review

5 minute review of the 2015 Jetta TDI by idparts.com. We drive it around, put it up on a lift, and give you a full rundown of the pros and cons of VW's latest incarnation of the Jetta TDI.

2010+ Golf & Sportwagen Winter Front Install

We show you how to install the 2010+ Golf and Sportwagen Winterfront.

Flaps and Fault Codes

Customers often call us with questions about these three common fault codes for their newer TDIs. This article details what each code means and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

5 DIY Repair Videos for Newer TDIs

So far, how-to and repair videos for the common rail TDIs (2009-2014) are few and far between. We recently did a brake change on our 2010 Sportwagen and decided to post links other good how-to and repair videos as well.

Biodiesel: A guide

Are you wondering about trying biodiesel in your vehicle? If so, this guide can help.

Preparing your Diesel for Winter

Prepare yourself and your turbodiesel for winter with these 10 steps.

Refill Adblue on a TDI

Corey tells you which fluid to use and shows you a helpful trick when replacing the DEF Fluid, or Adblue, on your TDI.

4 Great Sites for Mercedes Diesel Enthusiasts

4 excellent websites for the Mercedes Diesel connoisseur.