Enable Remote Roll Up Roll Down Windows on A5/MkV and MkVI Jetta, Golf & Sportwagen

In this video, I’ll show you how to roll up and down your windows with just your remote.

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This whole mod is done in VCDS, the diagnostic tool from Ross-Tech. Here we are in the VCDS window. We’re going to open up the Select Control Module tab and then hit Central Electric, which is #9. After that opens, on the right hand side we’re looking for the button for Coding-07. Click on that, and the only button we need to hit is long coding helper. That will open up another window. Now we need the fourth group, which right now is 1f. It may be different on your car. On Bit 5 you’ll see comfort operation via remote control active. Click on that box. Click exit. Before you close the window, click Do It! If everything works you’ll get a pop up saying coding accepted. Close the controller, and then close VCDS, and you’re done.

To open the windows: press and hold unlock.

To close the windows: press and hold lock.

Thanks for watching.