Lifting Your TDI

This is a list of general guidelines to follow and individual spring substitutions to make if you’d like to lift your TDI.



-Be aware of spring rates and damping rates. Mismatching these can cause either a bouncy ride or wear out your shock/strut.

-Make sure your suspension is long enough to accommodate the longer springs. 

-On any of these setups, you can use 10mm spacers to balance ride height.

-Get the car aligned after putting in new springs or suspension.

-If your shocks or struts have more than 80,000 miles on them, they should be replaced before raising the car.

Below is a list of spring substitutions you can use to raise your TDI. Usually these substitutions will raise your car about an inch unless otherwise specified.

Mk. IV

 New Beetle

Mk. IV Jetta Sedan Springs

Jetta Sedan

Mk. IV Wagon Front Springs

Mk. IV Towing Rear Springs

Jetta Wagon

Wagon VR6 Front Springs

Wagon Towing Springs  (include 10mm spacers with these)


Mk. IV Wagon Front Springs

Jetta Sedan Rear Springs

 Mk. V

 Jetta Sedan

BRM Lift Springs Set



Sportwagen Lift Springs Set

1.5" front lift, 2"+ rear lift.


Mk. VI


Mk. VI Jetta Springs, front and rear, will work. We don't have fitment figured out for the Mk. VI springs yet on a Jetta, so we can't offer this product yet.


Complete Spring Set (Tiguan) 

1.5" lift in the front, 2" in the back.