How-to: Installing a 6 Speed Short Shifter


The six speed short shifter we sell on the site gives you exactly what the title suggests: a shorter, tighter shift throw, which allows you to shift gears more quickly and easily. Some customers had questions about how to install the new shifter. Luckily, installation is very easy if you know a few tricks. We’ve included step-by-step instructions below to help. This install is basically the same on all Mk. V and Mk. VI platform VW Golf, Jetta, and GTIs.

  1. Unplug the MAF sensor connector clipped into the airbox.

  2. Remove the secondary airbox by popping the tabs on either side with a screwdriver. Pop off and remove.

  3. Remove plastic pipe that connected to that airbox. It should wiggle off.

  4. Remove the airbox: unscrew the two retaining screws using a 5mm allen wrench. Also loosen clamp on the hose on top of airbox. Pop off and place aside.

  5. Now you should see the shifter down below connected to two shifter cable ends.

  6. Loosen the nut that holds the shifter in (13mm). Use your socket with an extension. Torque spec is 18 ft/lbs. Remove and place aside.

  7. Remove one of the shifter cable links--this is the one on your left if you’re standing directly in front of the car (it is the one that moves the shift front to back). This can be done by compressing the cable end and turning 1/8th of a turn counter-clockwise. There’s also a clip on it that needs removing. After this is done, you can slide the end off.

  8. Install the new shifter cable end by compressing it and sliding it on. Do not release it from its compressed position yet-- the shifter still needs to be adjusted inside the car.

  9. Compress the other shift cable end and lock it in the open position as well, so the cable can slide freely.

  10. Pop out the old shifter and replace it with a the new one. Placing the car in neutral can help give you a little room to bounce the old shifter out.

  11. Torque spec is 18 ft/lbs on the nut that holds the shifter in place.

  12. Place the cable ends back on the shifter and reinstall clips.


Now, you need to adjust the shifter:

Adjusting the Shifter:


  1. Car should be in neutral and shifter cable ends should be locked open and placed on the cable. Springs should be compressed at this point.

  2. Press in on shift selector and simultaneously press in locking pin (black lever located directly underneath shifter) and turn to 10 o clock once it’s found its hole on the shift selector. Now the selector shaft should be locked in place.

  3. Heading to the interior of the car, remove the shift boot and place a 5mm locking pin (can use an allen wrench) into the bottom left side of the shift tower to hold everything in place.

  4. Go back under the hood and release the shift cable ends by turning clockwise until the springs expand.


  6. Pull out the alignment tool in the shifter base inside the car.

  7. Place the boot back on.

Once this is done, you’re almost ready to rock. Work backwards to put the car back together, reinstalling the airbox and hoses.